Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Take Away 119 - Consistency

I've been on a mission to declutter my living space. This is an ongoing project that will never be done but I realize the only way to do it is to consistently stay on it. I have a couple of boxes sitting in a strategic area and have been dropping non-necessary items into them for weeks now, with the plan of donating them. Pure junk goes in the trash. It seems like I have hardly put a dent in all the junk we accumulate but I'm determine to pare down. I can't take the clutter.

TAKE AWAY: Even though I have a long way to go to get rid of the
excess stuff in my life, it feels good to be doing something about it.


  1. declutter is not only messy stuff. It is the stuff you don't like. We spend years with stuff hating it but not dumping it. What a good feeling to just say I don't like it and poof it is gone.

  2. The de-clutter bug must be in the air. I recently stacked a bunch of boxes in my storage room that contain a bunch of junk I need to sort through (mostly paper piles) and set the goal to work a little bit on it each day...it's going to take a long time, but tossing one paper a day is better than ignoring it forever. Ugh.

    (I took a picture of the stack so I could look back and realize how much I sorted after I finally get it done.)