Sunday, December 29, 2013

Take Away 143 ~ Morning Pages

I signed up for an online class ... hoping to get out of the writing slump I've been in for far too long. One of the suggestions was to read a copy of The Artist's Way. I'm only 3 chapters in but have taken the suggestion to write 3 pages first thing in the morning, no matter what. It works! Creative juices are flowing. I'm a bit scatter-brained and finding that my thoughts are racing even after I fall asleep at night. I wake up for ideas but can't seem to hang on to them. I know this will all settle down.

TAKE AWAY: Take suggestions or leave them.
It matters not. When the time is right, I won't
be able to avoid action.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Take Away 142 ~ Just Ask

Yesterday was the first time I've had my camera out the entire 21 days of December. Crazy.  I asked a friend if I could shoot some pics of her with her visiting mom. She had not seen her mom in 4 years. I pushed past my fear of rejection (would my friend think I was being a weirdo?) and asked if they would let me photograph them together. They said yes. We met at the park. 20 minutes later we had some great photos, a few tears, and a lot of laughter.  If I hadn't asked, I would have missed it.

TAKE AWAY:  Just ask. The worst thing that can
happen is nothing.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Take Away 141 ~ Challenges

I do best when I am under a challenge.  I've been playing the Minimize Game. For each day of the month, I minimize something from my household. It gets challenging when you get into the last week of the month.  But when things are hard seems to be the times I love the most.

TAKE AWAY: Set goals. Be challenged. Never give up!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Take Away 140 ~ Just Pick Up Where You Left Off

Dang. It's been awhile since I posted here!  I was talking with a co-worker last week about blogging and mentioned this blog. Then I looked to see it has been far too long since I posted. That's okay. I'm not much of a quitter. I follow blogs where there are no posts for a long time and it's always so nice when the blogger finally does post.

TAKE AWAY:  Just pick up where you left off.
Don't let complacency and time be an excuse for quitting. That's all.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Take Away 139 ~ Naps

I've been dog-tired lately. My job, which I've had since the end of November, is very busy and it kicks my tail. My work days fly by fast, and I really like that in a job. But I am spent by 5 o'clock and when Friday arrives I swear I couldn't do it one more day.  I rise up early every day, even on the weekends. I can hardly stand the thought of sleeping away my "off" time.  But today I opted for a 30 minute nap.  It was heaven.

TAKE AWAY:  It's okay to take a nap. My world is definitely
a better place when I do.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Take Away 138 ~ The Cure

My hubby had surgery on his thumb a little over two months ago. The surgeon said it would be back in shape in about 8 weeks. He lied. After physical therapy and giving that hand a rest, it still hurts and he's been on his motorcycle only once. He said riding was okay but pulling in the clutch was not a pretty scene.  I'm not sure if the surgery worked. He wakes up every single day to pain. In fact, I wonder if it's not worse because of the surgery.

TAKE AWAY: Sometimes the cure is worse than the hurt.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Take Away 137 - Make a List

My hubby had surgery this week and the doctor gave him a very strong narcotic for the pain. I quickly realized he would not be able to remember when he took the meds and it's important to stay on top of the pain shortly after surgery.  I only took one day off so he would be on his own the 2nd day.  I wrote the time schedule on a dry erase board and asked him to scratch thru the time when he took his meds.  It worked!

My hubby will be the first one to tease me about all the lists I make but I think he was glad to have this one!

TAKE AWAY: Make lists even if your spouse gives you a hard time.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Take Away 136 - Surfer Hair

I learned a cool technique for drying my hair this week from our office's cutest fashionista.  She learned it from another office fashion plate.  You take a t-shirt and rub your hair dry with it just like the California surfer dudes and dudettes.  It leaves your hair kinky and curly with lots of body.  Spray a little product in it and it's a cool look that lasts all day. (Note: I closed my eyes and pretended I was on a warm beach, which made my mornings so much better this week!)

TAKE AWAY: I don't need to spend 20 minutes under the hair
dryer every day. Love those new fashion tips!
You should just try it!!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Take Away 135 - Listening

I got the opportunity to sit and listen to a friend this week.  I forget sometimes how important it is to put aside everything else when taking time to listen.  I am grateful for the reminder.

TAKE AWAY: Put the cell phone away, mark out the time
on my calendar and listen to others; give them my full attention.
Who doesn't want to be heard?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Take Away 134 - Making Plans

This week I finally decided to nail down a week for a future vacation. I filled out the vacation request. The supervisor signed it. We've been tossing around ideas for months now and I realized that if I just nailed down the date, it would give my husband something to work with.  So I did. And he did. Make plans. When he hits the "buy" button, we will have a very exciting destination. I'm not revealing it until that button has been pushed and there's no going back. Don't you just love a mystery?

TAKE AWAY: Make plans one step at a time.
I'm always learning new things about my relationships.
Love that!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Take Away 133 - Anticipation

I rarely wish my days away or future-trip but we are planning a trip to the beach and I've been wanting the days to go by a little faster so we can finally get there. Having something to look forward to in the winter time helps make time pass.

Take Away:  Anticipation is a good thing! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Take Away 132 - Observations

I've been taking the bus to and from work ever since I started my new job. I made an interesting observation this week. Bus people are the most unique group of people gathered together randomly each day. There is a camaraderie that I had never noticed before. I saw a lot of kindness in one 25-minute bus ride that really did my heart good.
One day this week, a friend of mine got on the bus and sat near me. She had been to the grocery store and her plastic bag was breaking. I had a nice tote bag with hardly anything in it so I emptied it and gave it to her to use. It just so happens that she's coming to my house for a dinner party tomorrow night so I know I'll get that bag back. Even if I didn't get the bag back, it matters not. I'm not attached to it. I'll just get another.

TAKE AWAY:  Stay awake for life.
There are things to learn about people

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Take Away 131 - Time Flies

I spent 7 hours with a friend at my house yesterday making homemade cards. I got all my stamps and ink pads and crazy scissors out and spread them on the table. We had a blast!!! I made spaghetti before she arrived so we could just take a break to eat and go right back to crafting.

TAKE AWAY:  Time really does fly when I'm having fun.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Take Away 130 - Long Work Weeks

Today somebody said, "was New Year's just last week?" Yes, it was. Working five days in a row is tough when I've had a couple of long weekends. Fridays at my new job are the worst. Today was no exception.

Take Away: I don't think I'll be looking forward to Fridays
anymore.  Thursdays are much better.
I survived another one.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Take Away 129 - Hanging In

I started a new job six weeks ago. The first two weeks were really, really, REALLY rough and I had doubts running through my mind about every other minute of the day. Lots of details to learn and phones that ring off the flippin' hook. Was I going to give up?  No way.  I'm not a quitter. This last week, I think I finally feel comfortable and I actually love the fast-paced day. The work hours go by swiftly and every day is an adventure in meeting the public with odd questions and even odder stories. I LOVE IT. My kinda job!!

TAKE AWAY: "Hangin' In" is just another way of
saying "hey, I'm committed". I've learned to give
myself a break and a few months to learn the
ropes whenever I start a new job. Pushing past
fear and those negative voices in my mind always
pays off. I need to remember experiences like this.
Give time a chance.