Sunday, December 2, 2012

Take Away 123 - Recycling Furniture

We found another great old chair today at an estate sale. There is a guy around here who goes to his customers' houses and prices everything and then opens up the doors to sell their goods, with his take being 40%. He has to haul away whatever doesn't sell so he's very motivated to move the stuff.  He had quite a bit of leftover merchandise so he rented a big space and hauled it there for the weekend. Sunday is always 1/2 off everything under $150.  We walked out with a very cool stuffed rocking chair/recliner for $35 and two beautiful ceramic lamps for $25.  SCORE!

TAKE AWAY: I'm glad we waited and looked for old, sturdy, used
furniture. With animals in the house, it won't bring tears to our
eyes if the cat decides to shred the chairs to bits.
There are plenty of pieces of nice, used furniture on
the market and when I get tired of this stuff, I'll pass it on
and go find something else.
Recyling at its very best!

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