Saturday, March 24, 2012

Take Away 84 - Spring Cleaning

I have a short window of time to get any spring cleaning done before Gene starts talking about rolling down the road on weekends. My friend who helped me with my spring cleaning last year has up and moved to Phoenix. I have another acquaintance I'm thinking of contacting to do the really crappy jobs I hate like cleaning the oven and fridge. And, she does windows! I can only do so much before I start gritting my teeth and wishing I lived in a smaller place. My house will never be perfect .... I got over that a very long time ago. I just wish there weren't so many dust bunnies hiding out.

TAKE AWAY: I do what I can today. I'm not a domestic goddess.  
Never have been, never aspired to be.
I'd rather ride. 

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  1. I can sooooo relate. We have dishwashers, why can't we have automatic housewashers?