Monday, April 9, 2012

Take Away 87 - Just Google It

I have a friend at work who loves to "Google It".  I've adopted that phrase.  Is there anything you can't figure out how to do on the internet?  I don't know. I'm not finished trying yet.  The other website my friend uses a lot is YouTube.  When she needs to learn something like how to make pie crust, she YouTube's it. I never really thought about doing that before I met her.

TAKE AWAY: Listen carefully to others. 
There is much to be learned in this lifetime.


  1. Just be careful what you wish for. I wanted to learn more about Russian prisons, so I "googled it." My eyes are still burning with the horror!

  2. I try to do my best to investigate things I want to learn about, or look for fun. So far so good on my end!

  3. For a lot lookups instead of google, I have started using as it does not save any of your info or profile you and give you info based upon your past lookup habits. They save NONE of your info or habits.. I like that small nod toward privacy of ones habits and thoughts, as it doesn't as Google does start to offer mostly sites on a give subject, for instance politics that are tailored toward your past browsing. It tends to offer on the same subject, to a liberal leaning person liberal sites at the top, and to a conservative leaning person the corresponding conservative links at the top.. It is easier to get a well rounded look at any topic without that tailoring going on in the background. I still use Google sites...,com,, and even just and even use the site following for news and other aggragation, which is customizable.. oh and ,... etc.