Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Take Away 98 - Splitting Up

We are having heavy rain here in the Tri-Cities. If it isn't enough that the skies are gray and I feel like someone has kicked me from head to toe (colder, damp weather does this to me), everyone is saying how bad this is for the cherries. I learned yesterday that when it rains right before cherry picking season, it makes the cherries split.  Who knew????  The farmers' remedy is to fly helicopters over the orchards so the down draft whooshes the water away. They also use large, industrial sized fans to form wind. I am amazed at the lengths they go to for this precious crop.  I do love cherries and will have an even greater appreciation for them now.

TAKE AWAY:  Rain in June = no bueno.

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  1. That is funny you mention that, Chris and I met a couple off the cruise ship last night that have orchards somewhere in Eastern WA and they said the same thing. The woman went to college with one of my sisters a million years ago, it was fun doing the tourist thing! Up the tram, to Glacier gardens and the glacier and to the shrine. Beautiful day to boot!