Monday, June 11, 2012

Take Away 99 - Time I Can't Get Back

I attended a 7-hour photography class on Saturday. I've been to it before and the speaker presented pretty much exactly the same material as the last two I've been to. I thought perhaps I would get something from it that maybe I missed the last two classes.  Note to self: don't need to do that again.  While it was exciting the first time I took it, it was hard to sit still through screen after screen of information that really led to the only one take away I was looking for.  White balance.  I still don't understand it but I think I'll do some googling and figure it out. That's 7 hours I can't get back.  The only consolation is that it was raining.

TAKE AWAY: Sometimes I only get one take away and I might 
have to sit quietly for 7 hours to get it.


  1. Bummer. Sorry about the wasted day. I took a beginning digital photography class while in school, but my point-n-shoot doesn't let me do much to the settings and I'm forgetting everything I learned!

  2. (I borrowed a friend's nice DSLR for the class and hoped to buy a nice one for myself, but never did.)

    1. I've gone back and forth about buying a DSLR. I think my husband is right that I would let it set on the shelf while out running around because of the weight and size. I can really do a lot with my little point and shoot. I think the next class I want to take will be just about composition.

    2. Most of the newer point and shoot cameras take some great photos, and a lot of people in my photography class used theirs with fantastic results. Mine is old and having problems...which I swear are not operator-related. hahaha In an ideal world, I would love to own both... a DSLR for times I want to use a tripod and really work at a shot...and a nice new handy dandy point-n-shoot to carry with me at all times.