Saturday, January 5, 2013

Take Away 129 - Hanging In

I started a new job six weeks ago. The first two weeks were really, really, REALLY rough and I had doubts running through my mind about every other minute of the day. Lots of details to learn and phones that ring off the flippin' hook. Was I going to give up?  No way.  I'm not a quitter. This last week, I think I finally feel comfortable and I actually love the fast-paced day. The work hours go by swiftly and every day is an adventure in meeting the public with odd questions and even odder stories. I LOVE IT. My kinda job!!

TAKE AWAY: "Hangin' In" is just another way of
saying "hey, I'm committed". I've learned to give
myself a break and a few months to learn the
ropes whenever I start a new job. Pushing past
fear and those negative voices in my mind always
pays off. I need to remember experiences like this.
Give time a chance.

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