Sunday, January 13, 2013

Take Away 131 - Time Flies

I spent 7 hours with a friend at my house yesterday making homemade cards. I got all my stamps and ink pads and crazy scissors out and spread them on the table. We had a blast!!! I made spaghetti before she arrived so we could just take a break to eat and go right back to crafting.

TAKE AWAY:  Time really does fly when I'm having fun.


  1. That sounds like fun! Did you also use your photos? (Ever since you mentioned using photos for greeting cards, I've been wanting to do that.)

    1. I made one or two with photos but mostly used stamps. I like to use my photos for cards but there isn't much to being creative with them, just stick some "zots" on the back and call it good. I like to personalize my photo cards by using pics I've taken of people or maybe special places we've visited. I've sending cards to my son with pics from my trip to see him in August. He enjoys those!