Saturday, November 12, 2011

Take Away 33 - Participate

I had a super busy, fun day yesterday. Met some old homies (read: good friends) for a late lunch and had a ball just visiting without a care for the clock since it was a day off for all of us. Later in the day, Gene and I joined a few dozen friends for a finger-food potluck and fellowship and then met a group of about 12 friends at the bowling alley. All in all, it was just a super fun day. Today is stacking up to be another one of those kinds of days starting with meeting some great friends for coffee, a service commitment, a quick stop in to say hello to old friends at a Scentsy party, and dancing to a live band tonight.  I love showing up for my life!

TAKE AWAY: If I say my life is boring, that means I'm boring. 
My life is so not boring!

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  1. I keep learning the same lesson over and over... that my attitude and thoughts affect my outlook. I need to worry less and show up for my life more.

    (On a side note, I thought about you and your husband as I watched a documentary series called "American Ride" where a guy named Stan Ellsworth rides a Harley, following the path of American History (and telling about the events). Very interesting show. And I love his biker attitude mixed in with history, like mentioning that Paul Revere would not have been caught if he had ridden a "hog.")