Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Take Away 37 - Don't Operate Machinery Without Caffeine

I know better than to bake in the morning before I've had my coffee. But today, in the interest of time, I did it anyway. The same thing that always happens, happened. I knew my zucchini bread wasn't mixing up well and I looked over the recipe with non-caffeinated eyes 3 times before I realized I forgot the 2 1/4 cups of sugar. Yikes, that's a big deal. So I folded it in and it still didn't look right but I placed the dough in the pan and the bread is baking as I type this. I looked at my next container of frozen, shredded zucchini and measured it to realize I froze them in 1 cup increments instead of the two I normally do.  Next batch should be good to go!

And, Gene wonders why I have to get up so early in the morning? It takes a while to get all the ponies running in my brain.

TAKE AWAY: Slow down. Drink coffee. Seize the day!


  1. I made Banana Nut Bread using applesauce instead of sugar. Came out yummy and moist!

  2. We will not do a T day. I think the beach with a cooler will be a good sub for the
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