Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Take Away 50 - Look Out the Window

There are windows at my office that are not far from where I sit. It has been pretty gloomy the last two weeks but today I happened to look out the window and noticed some patches of blue sky. What a difference sunshine and blue sky can make!!

TAKE AWAY:  Don't give up.  The sun will return eventually.


  1. That's for sure, sunshine and blue skies really do make a difference. We've had so much "inversion" (smog) for days on end, I felt my mood lighten immensely when a blue sky finally poked through.

  2. This is truly something that puts a smile on my face daily. Something as simple as a fat dog waddling by or an elderly couple taking a walk can make me happy. Or looking out the window can spur a great day-dream. Good one!