Monday, September 10, 2012

Take Away 111 - Freezing

We took a very long motorcycle ride to Mt. Rainier yesterday. I really wasn't prepared for the 40 degree weather we encountered. But, we were with a group of people and I had packed a fantastic picnic lunch so we just kept riding as planned. (Thank goodness I remembered the thermos of coffee!) While we got very cold, I didn't freeze to death and have lived to tell the story.

TAKE AWAY: Perseverance and tenacity always usually pays off.
I learned a long time ago that most stuff won't kill me and
that it is often mind over matter that gets me through.
I'm not a sissy!


  1. great post, completely agree!!

  2. Oh man, now I totally feel like a sissy. My husband and I had planned a camping trip to Yellowstone and Glacier National Park for mid-September, but after feeling the chilly nights while camping in August, we decided to cancel our September camping plans.