Monday, September 17, 2012

Take Away 112 - No Rules

So, I was looking back to see what date I started this fun 365 day project. It was September 22, 2011.  Obviously, I haven't completed it with 365 posts and I haven't posted every single day.  It is challenging sometimes to figure out what the take away will be for any given day. 
We were at the beach last weekend. Today, I was reflecting on our time there. Halfway through Saturday, I walked up to camp to grab a bite to eat and decided to lay down to read a little, knowing full-well I would fall asleep. It has taken me 53 years to come up with my "no rules" philosphy. So ... I napped guilt-free.  And it was good!

TAKE AWAY: I need to take an inventory of some of the
stupid "old rules" that are drummed into my head.
It's my life and I'll live it the way I want to, thank you very much.

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