Friday, February 24, 2012

Take Away 79 - Nailing Down Stress

I had my nails done by a professional about two weeks ago for only the second time in my entire existence. I've been a nail biter from early childhood and the thought of having someone actually look at them and try to do something with them was horrifying. The nail lady did a great job and although the $30 worth of polish and pampering has worn off, I found that I haven't bitten my nails since that visit. I bought a nail file and have been caring for them like never before.  I can only surmise the reason I've been able to keep them growing is that my fingers are busy typing 10-hour days. And, I have zero stress in my life.  Love that.

TAKE AWAY: I can add "zero stress" to the 
list of reasons I love my current station in life. 


  1. I had a lot of people looking at my fingers/hands while I was working and finally decided to get "fake" nails. It was the best thing I did in my life. I could still type because the nails weren't long and I stopped biting my nails and the cuticle around them. I have been biting my cuticles and nails again and haven't had "fake" nails for over two years. Maybe it's time to get them again. Good for you, Susan!!!

    1. Oh yes, you should! Having nice nails makes me feel better about myself, for some strange reason.