Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Take Away 71 - Things You Learn Over Lunch

Still loving my temp job after 5 months. Among my very favorite parts is the 30 minutes of talk-time I get with my beautiful co-workers over lunch. We are mostly made up of seasoned women with a couple of youngsters among us. I have learned new recipes, taste tested more new products than I have in a life-time, heard funny and sad stories, and witnessed awesome workplace friendships formed through years of sitting next to one another day after day.  This experience is priceless. Yesterday I learned one of my co-workers has a condition called Keloids. She encouraged me to Google it, so I did. (And she said I could blog about it.) There are people who have this skin condition that perhaps don't know there is a treatment for it.  I love learning new things.  Thank you, ladies!

TAKE AWAY: Don't miss the opportunity to learn 
or experience something new.


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