Thursday, September 22, 2011

Take Away 1 - A Blog is Born

Thanks to my friend over at My Healthy Eating Challenge, who gave me the idea for this 365 Day Project, it starts today.  My challenge is find a take away every single day for the next year.  

What is a take away?  My definition is that it's an idea, thought, or principle one learns throughout the day that will be useful from that point on. I learned about "take aways" a long time ago from a seminar speaker.  The speaker said that in every seminar she gave, she hoped the participants got at least 3 "take aways" from the day. I have remembered that lesson for a long time and have used it to try to get at least something from every experience, whether it's a good or bad take away. I believe I have an opportunity to learn something new every single day ... something to take away from my experiences.  So ... this blog is born.

Take Away #1

Don't complain about my life.

No matter how tired I am or how full my life seems to be, there is always someone in my path who is busier and has more responsbility. Take for instance, my new co-worker/friend. She is a single mom raising 5 children, working a full time job and taking 3 classes and she still has time to put make-up on in the morning. I have never once heard her say she is tired. I asked her recently how she does it and she said, "I don't have a choice."  I am inspired.  Her tenacity and good attitude have helped me adjust to my new working hours. I will be forever grateful to her. 


  1. I am so excited about your new blog! I look forward to reading it, and learning from you. (I started to "follow" but google kept using my "pen" name for some reason. As soon as I can get that situated, I will try again.)

  2. How inspiring, Susan - I look forward to your upcoming posts!!!

  3. <3 your new blog idea! Can't wait to read more :)

    This is so true too. I often end up putting my life into perspective whenever I meet someone who has to overcome more obstacles than I, someone who manages to make it through each day no matter what they're faced with. It really makes my issues/problems/gripes seem irrelevant and makes me more appreciative of all that I have.