Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Take Away 6 - Dining Together

When I'm working, the lunch hour is my favorite time of day. It's something to look forward to, and it's a landmark in the day, so to speak, that splits the work-time in half, making it bearable to be away from home. At my new job, we only take 30 minutes but it is so enjoyable. About 6 or 7 women in our group gather around a small table to share lunch. Invariably, we talk about each other's fabulous lunches and venture into other topics. There has hardly been a day gone by that someone hasn't brought a favorite box of crackers or a container of hummus or something new they found on the shelf at the store to share. I love that!

A group that dines together shines together.


  1. ... as long as they don't "whine" together. :)

    (Sometimes lunch can be a drag if everyone uses it to complain about their job.)

  2. Honestly, in the month I've been at this assignment, I have not heard a bit of whining. Lots of laughter though! We are a group of mostly older women with the exception of two women in their 30's. It has been my observation in the last 10 years that age makes a big difference in the dynamics of work.

  3. So true. My lunch hour is my escape hour. Which, really, is kind of funny if you think about it. I often see work as my escape from the responsibilities I have at home (with the teenager), then I view my lunch as another escape. I've always enjoyed my lunches and usually try to make a point to use that time to get out of the office, do some shopping by myself, or just sit there enjoying the heck out of my food :)