Monday, January 2, 2012

Take Away 56 - Make Time and Space for Friends

One of my New Year's resolutions that I didn't add to my official list is to invite more people over to our house this year. My home is my castle and refuge but when we moved here I envisioned having friends over. I'm usually paralyzed by fear that my house is never clean enough or decorated well. I am no Martha Stewart. I suspect I am in good company regarding this fear. But I've decided to invite people over anyway. Today I have 2 friends coming over for lunch and visiting. Yesterday I had a friend over for coffee and fresh home-made cookies. She is just back from 8 weeks in Costa Rica and we spent nearly 3 hours talking about it. I hope she felt comfortable enough to come back.  The day before that a friend came over to teach me how to knit and I cooked her some brunch. Great fun!  That's how you do it.  Just do it.

TAKE AWAY:  Whatever it is you want to accomplish, sometimes you just 
have to push past the fear and do it.

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  1. It was a great 3 hours! And while I know this does not make the fear go away, you have no reason to fear having people over. Your home is warm and inviting and the company is great :) Thanks for the invite and I look forward to doing it again.