Thursday, January 19, 2012

Take Away 65 - Appreciation

I had not been to the theater to see a *movie on the big screen for over a year, until today. I think the last movie we saw on the big screen was "Unstoppable" last year (Nov. 2011). It isn't that I don't love going to movies more than just about anything else. It's the time factor. I feel like there are so many other things to do that it's hard to give up a couple of hours to go sit in a chair. Having said that, I felt the excitement of sitting in the comfy theater chair today with the surround sound speakers turned up and the vivid colors on the screen. I'm not sure I would have appreciated it so much if it hadn't been so long since the last time.

TAKE AWAY: There are some things that just do it for me. 
I love going to the movies! 

* "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". It is a dark, demented, well-acted movie in my humble opinion. It was hard to watch in some places. Not for the faint of heart. 

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