Sunday, January 8, 2012

Take Away 61 - Nobody Cares

We met some friends for karaoke last night after our road trip. Typically, I am not one to stand up in front of a room full of strangers, much less good friends, to show them what a bad singer I am. However, in the spirit of joining in the fun, I did it! Belting out the first song, I was so nervous and shaking like a leaf. The 2nd song was a very poor choice. By the third song, I was wondering if my future agent was in the room. Lots of laughter, a little dancing and something I can now cross off my bucket list. 

TAKE AWAY: Nobody cared that I am a bad singer. 
I was in super good company.


  1. I believe I heard your rendition of happy birthday more than once and found it to be very good!!!

    Higgs and happy new year, Janie

  2. My rule for singing is that as long as no one's ears are bleeding when I'm done that I'm okay!

  3. One of the days I can say "Wish I was there"