Thursday, October 20, 2011

Take Away 21 - Dignity and Respect

The president of the company I work for stopped by my desk yesterday to say hello and introduce herself. I think my desk was just a random stop for her but I appreciated it nonetheless. In appearance, she looked like any other hard worker. She wasn't dressed in a 3-piece suit and she certainly did not put on any airs about who she is. It made my day! And it reminded me of the good old days when people were treated with dignity and respect.

I love, love, love this company I am working for right now. The communication from the top down is excellent. We receive daily emails about what is happening in the company and it's written in a positive fashion intended for busy working staff to read. This company is set for closure in the next two years but you'd never know it by the great  "can do" attitudes I see every single day I am there.  Git'r done!

TAKE AWAY: Always treat everyone you meet 
with the dignity and respect they deserve. 

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